Complete Water Well Drilling,
Pump Installation, And Maintenance

From the initial drilling of a water well, to pump installation, to the maintenance and repair of water wells and pumps throughout Charlotte Metro area, Francis Well & Pump Company should always be your first choice. We're trusted by large and small businesses, as well as residential customers just like you who want the best service at a fair price. We take great pride to provide excellent service to every customer on every job.  
Commercial & Residential Well Services

Well & Pump Repair

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No one ever plans to need a Water Well Pump Repair. Whether it's a problem with the pump, tank, pressure switch or any other part of the system. Francis Well & Pump Co. has the knowledge and training to track down the problem and resolve it quickly.

We repair all types and sizes of wells
  • 6 inch wells
  • 2 inch wells
  • Bored wells
  • Any well

Submersible pumps, jet pumps, tanks, Pressure switches. If you are out of water or experiencing pressure issues such as low or surging/pulsating water, or any other problem we can handle it. Our trucks are well stocked we carry multiple sizes of pumps and tanks and usually have any part we need for any situation on the truck with us.

Well Drilling

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When you buy new property, or need water well drilling services on an existing piece of property, call the area experts first. At Francis Well & Pump Co. we have been providing water well drilling in North Carolina for a number of years, so we know the terrain like the backs of our hands.

All members of the Francis family team are licensed certified Nc well contractors with life long experience. We drill 6 inch wells. The price for drilling is by the foot please call for current prices.  First step to having a well drilled is for the owner/ contractor to get a new well permit from the appropriate counties environmental health department.

When you drill a well unfortunately it can make somewhat of a mess. There will be cuttings and mud. Sometimes the hiring of a company to haul it off, and repair landscaping is necessary.

The owner/ contractor is responsible for final cleanup.

Water Filtration

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We offer a wide range of whole house filters that can improve your water. Cartridge or flush filters for sediment or water softeners to remove hardness. Iron/sulfur removers for iron, neutralizes for acidic water. Each well is unique, we can test your waters hardness, iron and ph levels and determine the proper solution to address your well water needs.


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Most people don't think about trenching when they plan for a well.  In most cases the well will be a small distance from the Structure and a proper ditch is needed for electrical and water lines between the two.

Tank replacement

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The tank is an important part of your well system. If your air is low in your bladder tank or it is waterlogged it could cause short cycling and damage the pump. And also make your pressure low. We keep multiple sizes in stock.

Well inspections

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We check to make sure all components of the well system are operating properly.  We check the pump, tank, switch, and setup. We try to gather what available information we can about the well such as the depth and yield of the well, and the size and depth of pump. If repairs are needed we will include a quote to make the appropriate repairs.

Well abandonment

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First step to abandoning a well the owner/ contractor needs to contact the appropriate counties environmental health department to see if a permit is required, as it varies by county. The size and depth of the well determine the cost to abandon it.


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